Art School
Art classes at Art Center of Williamson County are reserved on a monthly basis. Tuition is due on the first class day of each month. A late fee of $10.00 will apply after the 10th of each month unless previous arrangements have been made with your instructor. Rates for tuition are as follows:

One-hour class $ 65.00 per month
One-and one-half hour class $ 95.00 per month
Two-hour class $ 120.00 per month
One-time registration fee $ 20.00 per family
All students are required to pay a minimum of $65.00 per month tuition. This includes four weekly classes per month. Students unable to attend a weekly one-hour class may make arrangements with their instructor to accommodate individual schedules, however, the minimum $65.00 per month tuition is still due the first class day of each month for all students. The rate for months with five weeks is $78.00 for five one-hour weekly classes, $115.00 for five one-and-one-half hour weekly classes and $145.00 for five two hour weekly classes. Payment and attendance for the fifth week is optional per student.
Students must notify their instructor at least one hour before their scheduled lesson that they will be absent or they forfeit payment for that lesson and that lesson will not be rescheduled. Absences that are pre-arranged at least one hour before their scheduled time will be rescheduled at the student's and instructor's convenience. Scheduling make-up lessons is the responsibility of the student. Arrangements must be made with your instructor to make up a class within one month of the missed class or payment for that class is forfeited.


Two weeks notice is required for withdrawal from art class. If proper notice is not given, the student or responsible person will be invoiced for one full month of tuition.


Students should arrive on time but no sooner than ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled class time.
Students should not be dropped off without verifying that their instructor is on the premises.
All elementary age students must be brought into the school by a parent or guardian.
All elementary age students must be picked up in the foyer.
Students, regardless of their age, cannot wait outside for their ride.
Guests are limited and must have your instructor's approval to stay before class begins.
Supplies must be handled properly and in a safe manner.
Students must clean up their area and put up any equipment at the end of their class period.
Students are expected to be respectful to instructors and each other at all times.
Disruptive behavior will not be allowed at any time - parents will be contacted to pick up the student.
Repeated disruptive behavior will result in withdrawal of the student from class.

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